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The Aubrey Whymark Collection

Billitonites / Satam Stone

At the start of November 2008 I visited Belitung Island (formerly called Billiton Island). Below you can find a picture gallery of the material I bought. None for sale I'm afraid. In total I acquired 2,371.8g for a price of US$3,140 (excluding the tektite jewellery I bought).

I have had a few enquiries as to whether I am selling Billitonites. I am not. I am just a collector and don't have the time to sell, even if I wanted to! Ultimately I want to give my collection to a museum. If you want Billitonites, however, I will recommend you contact Virdy Feryanto at His prices are reasonable and realistic as oppose to some other online sellers. Tektites are sourced via his Uncle - Mr Tjeuw Budianto of the Toko Mas Malia store in Manggar, Belitung. Virdy is in business with William, son of Mr Tjeuw Budianto. Mr Tjeuw Budianto buys direct from the tin miners in Belitung, so when you buy you are buying from the Budianto family - just one middle man (not two like other sellers). I bought some tektites from Virdy. He has a lot of typical good average material and the price is fair, nothing exceptional unless he has some new stock. I'd have bought more from him, but I had little cash left and he was the last seller, so by that stage I was more after exceptional pieces. Other sellers are generally not easily contactable on the internet - you would have to go in person. You can see Virdy, William and Meldy on the link about my trip below.

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Toko Mas Malia in Manggar. The store is run by Mr Tjeuw Budianto

This is what I bought: 497.3g for $640 ($1.29/g). NOT FOR SALE 


For the spider pendant I paid US$135 and the ring I paid $232. 18k gold. NOT FOR SALE


Suwarna, Baru

I paid 5 million Rupaih ($500) for 363.7 g ($1.38/g). The price was higher as I bought more minute 0.5-2g specimens. In addition, the larger $100 specimens weighed in at 50.7g and 86.4 g, which equals $1.40/g. The $500 specimen weighed 96.2 g and I paid $5.20/g. NOT FOR SALE 


ABOVE: The 96.2g Billitonite. This is an exceptional specimen. It had a nice story attached too. It was given to the store owner by his father-in-law, pictured on the right, 20 years ago! I will treasure this specimen. NOT FOR SALE.

ABOVE: The 50.7g dumbbell. NOT FOR SALE.

ABOVE: A nicely etched specimen. NOT FOR SALE.


Toko Mas Lie Kim (Jl. Sudirman No. 53)

At this store I selected 376.1 g and paid $300 for these ($0.80/g). NOT FOR SALE.


ABOVE: A well etched 31.2g specimen

Kevin Buntoro

I paid $300 for 189.6g ($1.58/g). NOT FOR SALE. 

ABOVE: An interesting 14.7g core/biscuit-form with equatorial navels - similar to the way they develop in some Australites. NOT FOR SALE.

ABOVE: A nice projection on this 3g specimen.


Gajah Mada Jewellery - William Budianto and Virdy Feryano

I purchased a total of 711.8g for $700 ($0.98/g). NOT FOR SALE.


Thanks for looking!