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? In Gulf of Tonkin?


Are you a geophysicist/geologist in the oil and gas industry? Have you worked in the Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam/China?

We are missing a crater from an oblique asteroid impact. There is a good chance it is located in the shallow seas of the Gulf of Tonkin, perhaps to the west of Dao Hainan and to the SE of Hanoi. It should be approximately 40 km in diameter (Glass, 2003). The crater is probably circular, despite the oblique nature of the impact. There is a small possibility the crater may be elongate with an axis roughly NW-SE but our understanding of tektite formation favours a higher angle that results in a circular crater. If the crater is elongate then it may result in confusion, as it may be aligned with tectonic features and be interpreted as a graben. The crater should be at a shallow depth of 100 or 200 feet due to it's very young age, perhaps infilled with recent sediment from the Red River Delta.

The presence of a crater is evidenced by the extremely large Australasian Tektite Strewnfield. I feel that the distribution of microtektites and splatform tektite morphlogies points towards this area. Please see the rest of my website.

If you have seen this crater on seismic data produced by the oil and gas industry you could solve a mystery that has been hotly debated for well over half a century. Conversely, if you are familiar with this area and think a crater cannot be located here, this is also valuable information.

Please see the rest of my webpage, particularly on the source crater and Australasian tektites in general.

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