These pages, which I'll gradually add to, will be dedicated to key people in the tektite world. Their stories, history and personality are often as fascinating as the tektites themselves.

I'm going to try and tread carefully. In the past there has been very heated conflicts between the lunar and terrestrial origin camps. Although many of the key people have now sadly passed away, conflicts still exists - you need only look so far as the book review for Barnes & Barnes, 1973 on Amazon.com to see this! Although I am very much on the terrestrial side, I wish to recognise the huge contribution that many of the lunar origin advocates have made. Science only works and pushes forward by these kind of conflict, encouraging the opposite side to come up with better and more solid research.

I hope you enjoy the following pages.



ABOVE: Larson, H. K. and Chapman, D. R. taken in 1964. A NASA Archive photo.