This will be a new series of pages dedicated to tektite localities. It is also a set of problematic pages. Scientifically, tektites from known localities (and even better, known stratigraphic layers aswell) are of much higher value. For me, increase the scientific value and you increase the monetary value. Tektites should therefore always be sold with as precise locality details as possible. That's the theory.

The reality is that tektites are worth money, like it or not. Because they are worth money, people are extremely reluctant to give you details of where they are found. The belief is that every man and his dog will descend on the site if it is given out. There is probably a small amount of truth in this, but realistically how many tektite prospectors are there? I am too busy to go to every site in the world! Personally, if you tell me where they come from the price goes up. Simple, except that some people take tektites from one area and sell them claiming they are from another - Chinese tektites in Vietnam, Thai tektites in the Philippines! I think a bit of knowledge as to what is being bought plus some common sense, together with communication with other collectors pretty much eliminates this problem.

I have now started listing all known and published tektite localities in the world (as precisely as possible). This is a huge task and will likely take many months. I'll start to publish the list, with regular updates, when it starts to take shape.

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