There are many reasons to research tektites. Australites were reportedly used as NASA researched re-entry modules (and intercontinental ballistic missiles). I think the reality is that the research was ongoing when people noticed the similarity to Australites. Tektite glass with a known age has also been used to study glass stability - important when encasing radioactive materials in glass. Tektites also tell us a lot about the impact process and the effects of impact. This is important as impacts will take place in the future. Tektites can be used to give a maximum age of rocks and this is important in some archaeological contexts. I'm sure I've missed loads of reasons to study tektites, but I just wanted this to be an introduction to the next series of pages.

Tektite research and asteroid impact is of huge importance to the people of this planet. Whilst people may laugh, one day (probably not in our life time, but who knows) an asteroid will strike the Earth with very severe and catastrophic implications for billions of people. We need to understand the process and learn how to protect ourselves - exactly the same risk assesment as required for the more frequent earthquake, volcanic and meteorological (weather) natural hazards. Furthermore, the day of asteroid mining and cold warfare will inevitably come and we need to learn how to exploit resources without endangering ourselves.