Whilst many tektites can be found in public museums, there are some outstanding specimens in private collections. Since I've had this site, a number of people have emailed me with their stunning tektite photos. I want to share these with the wider tektite community so that you can enjoy them as much as I have.

In this section all photos have been provided by the collector, with full permission to publish their images. The images remain copyright of the owner who sent them to me.

If you have a tektite collection why not email me some photos and a brief description of the tektites, your collecting habits etc. If owners wish me to edit/remove information/photos I will do so as soon as possible - on the day if possible, but if I'm working this may take up to a month (as I cannot edit the website on a very slow satellite connection!). Similarly if anyone has any issues with the content then please contact me.

My email address is

I hope you enjoy this section and that it will inspire you to share your tektite images!