Lecture for the Philippine Astronomical Society during the 18th National Astronomy Week held at Rizal Technological University, Manila on 19 February 2011 by Aubrey Whymark

This was a highly successful event and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge of the Australasian Tektite Strewn Field. View or download the presentation and enjoy the photographs! (btw some slides have brief notes - to see these view full size presentation - bottom right corner, then click on 'notes' at the bottom). Still happy to answer any questions - direct these to Thanks for a great day! 


ABOVE: The lecture begins!

ABOVE: Everyone's still awake! This is going well!

ABOVE: I have to speed things up - too much to talk about!

ABOVE: Now we view the tektites!

ABOVE: Some oriented Philippinites.

ABOVE: Indochinites and Philippinites being examined.

ABOVE: Australites!

ABOVE: Answering questions. Note the globe showing the strewn field.

ABOVE: Philippinites and Indochinites in the distance.

ABOVE: In doing this talk I realise I own 5 australite buttons - nice - I thought I only had 4!

ABOVE: Examining a Muong Nong-type layered impactite/tektite.

ABOVE: Some great Indochinites in the foreground.

ABOVE: Allen Yu had a fascination with this exceptionally large Philippinite dumbbell (formerly in the Walter Zeitschel collection).

ABOVE: There is no better way to learn about tektites than a hands-on experience!

ABOVE: A nice tray of Billitonites on the right!

ABOVE: High school students view some exceptionally large Philippinites.

ABOVE: All the attendees and organisers of the event.

ABOVE: In the afternoon there were numerous awards to high school students for essays, posters and photography. From my perspective the standard appeared to be very high. 


 Hope you enjoyed this page!