Tektites from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and China (Guangxi, Guangdong provinces) have been included in the Indochinite section.

Tektites from the Philippines are in the Philippinite section.

Tektites from Australia are in the Australite section.


Other tektites belonging to this strewnfield have been found in:



Indonesia: Java, Flores, Belitung Island

Tibet (questionable). Interestingly the tektites from Tibet were highly valued by monks, this suggests that they cannot easily be replaced. In the Philippines tektites are only highly valued in regions where none, or very few, exist. So, in Tibet they must be very rare, or perhaps, more likely, they have been brought long distances by humans and gifted/sold to the monks. Tibetinites, if genuine, may represent a different, although contemporaneous, source crater. Norm Lehrman of The Tektite Source (www.tektitesource.com) notes that proximal splatform morphologies exist - and his photographs very clearly demonstrate that.

This section will be expanded in time!


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