What makes a good museum? Tektites, of course. They are fascinating objects - all rocks tell a tale or have an undeciphered tale to tell, and tektites are the most interesting of the lot! The events they relate to have shaped the evolution of life on this planet, they have exploded into our lives, caused fascination and intrigue, been used as tools, weapons and healing stones and now a huge impact crater awaits to be found in Indochina. What can this tell us? It was a huge event, yet with apparently little impact on our world and climate. Perhaps if we mention the world climate a few more times funding will appear for better displays!

The point of this page is to see what the greatest Museums offer us in terms of tektite displays.

With a limited budget I can't go everywhere, so if you have photos or comments about tektite collections in any museums then why not email them to me at - I can then publish them for you.

I have to say, I am excited to see how these pages develop!