Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The core of the tektite collection was collected by the late George Baker. The collection comprises over 3000 specimens, including 40 perfect australite buttons from Port Campbell, Victoria. Most of the collection is from Victoria, but there also representative collections from all Australian tektite localities along with impact glasses from overseas localities.

The Tektite Collection:

Infosheet on Australites:



The following photos were taken by my brother Hugo Whymark:

ABOVE: An overview of Indochinites and Philippinites. Click here to see a larger photo on which you can read the labels. The display looks good, but is slightly disappointing in that the tektites are not ordered correctly. We have proximal indochinites muddled with medial Philippinites and then the australites are not in strict order of distance from the source. This is important in terms of understanding.

ABOVE: An overview of the Australites. Click here if you want to see a larger photo on which you can read the labels.

ABOVE: Indochinites and Philippinites. The Philippinite in the centre is from Coco Grove and it may well have come via van Eek, Beyer then Baker I am guessing

ABOVE: A nice selection of Australites.

ABOVE: An Australite from Port Campbell.

ABOVE: A couple of Australites from Port Campbell.

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