Masbate Tektites

Bought in Tigboa, Masbate Island, Philippines

These tektites were brought to me in Manila by a supplier who normally brings me tektites from the Paracale in the Bikol Region and rarely a few from Davao. I had expressed that tektites from Paracale were coming out my ears and that it would be nice to acquire tektites from a different region. The story is that these tektites were bought from a lady in Tigboa, Masbate Island. These specimens reportedly come from a mine or mining operation. I believe the story - I am very trusting (particularly to Filipino's as they have high moral standards) and when asked further questions the guy showed none of the body language you associate with a lie. I would note though that these specimens look similar to Bikol types and are all the smaller fragmentary specimens - it certainly doesn't look like a normal tektite assemblage, so I'm sure that some selection has taken place. I am promised more from this locality so we'll see what turns up in a month or so. As I say: I believe the story, but am not a first hand witness. It is possible that someone has picked out certain deeply etched morphologies from a Bikol assemblage and has passed it off as a new locality, possibly even unintentionally. Still, nice attractive Bikol-like specimens.


ABOVE: Deeply etched tektite fragments from Masbate, Philippines.