Glassworking using a torch to melt and shape glass.

OK here's the score - I have read about lampworking. It is basically making beads for jewellery using rods of soda-lime glass. These melt at lower temperatures than tektite glass. It would be interesting to carry out experiments in glass making, heating and cooling glass, dropping hot glass in water, etc. Then, to push it a bit further it would be great to do the same, but this time set up a wind tunnel using a compressor. Now, with the wind tunnel idea I don't have the same funding as NASA and it'll be a lot tamer than needed. Still it is a thought that I have for the future! At the moment I had to sign an agreement I wouldn't burn my apartment down - so this is on hold until I have a garden again.

I'll add some basics on lampworking soon. In the meantime a google search provides a fair bit of information.