Ivory Coast Tektites appear to be similar in appearance to Indochinites (although totally unrelated). Their rarity is principally controlled by the political situation. All foreigners are very strongly advised to avoid this region.

ABOVE:  A collection of five Ivory Coast tektites on display at the British Museum of Natural History, London.


Of course the interesting thing about Ivory Coast tektites is that the source crater is known. It is the 10.5km diameter Bosumtwi crater in the neighbouring country Ghana. This gives us an excellent point of reference for where splashform tektites are found in relation to their source crater, at least for this size crater. The distance actually works out as 300 to 400km from this source crater.

The Bosumtwi Crater and the Ivory Coast Tektes were formed 1.3 million years ago.


ABOVE: The 10.5km diameter Bosumtwi Crater, Ghana: The source crater for the Ivory Coast Tektites.


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