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LEFT:  Henry N. Beyer (grandson of Henry Otley Beyer who first described Philippinites/Rizalites), MIDDLE:  Desmond Leong (former tektite seller), PLEASE NOTE THAT I NO LONGER HAVE ANY ASSOCIATION WITH DES LEONG / DESMOND LEONG / TIAN FONG LEONG OR SIMILAR NAME,  RIGHT:  me (Aubrey Whymark).

My name is Aubrey Whymark. I work as a consultant wellsite geologist and micropalaeontologist in the oil and gas industry. Check out my website at www.geosteering.co.uk. Also find out more about my girlfriend Tere and I at her website www.filfashion.com. I have had an interest in tektites and meteorites for 15 years now, since about the age of 16. My interest in tektites really took off in 2006 when I purchased many tektites whilst in the Philippines. I am incredibly enthusiastic about the Australasian strewnfield because it is so recent – it is amazing that the impact that produced these tektites didn’t have stronger climatic effects on this planet (or did it?). I have decided to do this website to share my evolving views and welcome constructive feedback. I am no expert in thermodynamics, aerodynamics or fluid dynamics and these are the things that seem key to tektite formation. I can, however, offer my observations and thoughts on the subject and in time I am sure that more solid answers, where they don’t already exist, will evolve. I’m tired of hearing that Australasian tektites come from the moon or space or aliens or any number of other ideas that defy logic and have no credible evidence. A cursory glance at the evidence would indicate that many past ideas are fundamentally flawed. One thing I do believe in though, is the power of tektites! Not as magical or mysterious stones, but as fascinating and unique products of nature. Their uniqueness means your collection can never be too big (some wives/girlfriends may disagree)!

I am keen to hear thoughts on my website and tektite formation. I know there are many views and some will differ from mine. I’m sometimes abroad for up to a month at a time working in remote areas, so if I don’t reply immediately don’t worry!

My email address is aubrey@tektites.co.uk 




I have too many Philippinites, yet still I’m reluctant to let them go! If you want any Philippinites I might be able to do you a deal. Even better, if you want to swap some Philippinites for other tektites I could well be interested!

Contact me on aubrey@tektites.co.uk



Whilst there have been many contributions to ideas and sources of background information from fantastic books (see my extensive reference list) and websites, both old and new, I would like to pay particular thanks to:

Theresa Nisperos - Thanks for putting up with the tektites!

Desmond Leong of www.tektiteinc.com - Thanks for allowing me to see your excellent collection. It's great sharing ideas with a fellow enthusiast!


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