I'm a collector and hope eventually that my collection will be lodged in a museum for everyone to enjoy. In order to fund my hobby, however, I have started to offer a limited amount of tektites at (NOTE SITE NOW TAKEN DOWN TO CONCENTRATE ON RESEARCH)

I admire dealers, as it is these people who go to the effort of gathering the tektites and supplying them to the tektite collector and scientists alike. Sure, scientific data is lost the moment the tektite is extracted - but better this than never being found. Dealers need to police themselves, don't just supply tektites - supply the information as to where the tektite came from. Give it a history. Recently I acquired a tektite that I know the entire history of - where it was found (precisely), the circumstances in which it was found and whose hands it past through before mine. This tektite, despite being imperfect, is valuable to me - more valuable than a perfect specimen that probably came from 'X' region via a few unknown people. Also, with Philippinites I do not want to collect 'Philippinites' - I want Philippinite collections from different parts of the country - it's a big place! Philippinites from some areas are worth more than those from others. Same with Thailandites - You can sell me 1000, but give me 10 different genuine localities and I'll buy 10,000!

I am principally interested in buying wholesale quantities of tektites or complete collections of tektites.

Again I am wanting some kind of locality details and I'm after quality specimens or representative collections (everything collected). If you have something I may be interested in then please let me know! Also please bear in mind that before any larger deals are made I carry out a lot of checks, so no scammers please :-)

I am also looking for tektite references. At the moment I particularly want copies of the journal Geochimica et Cosmochimica - particularly 14 (4), 28 (6), 31 (6-10), 33 (9), but also others! 

You can contact me at