One of the world's greatest depositories of meteorites (and tektites), yet without x-ray vision that can see through walls you won't see a lot. Good news is that this is temporary and to quote from Caroline Smith:

.... the current display of meteorites is small and temporary but in a few years time there will be a brilliant new gallery - which will be the largest dedicated meteorite gallery in the world AND has been specifically designed to be 'specimen-rich'.

Yey! I can't wait - don't forget the tektites though! 

You can see the meteorite display on Mark's site at The tektites on display here are in the fifth photo with the big 'Meteorites' sign above them. These tektites, located immediately outside of 'The Vault' in the Mineral Gallery, can also be seen below. They comprise five Ivory coast tektites on the right and dozen or so moldavites on the left. Another set of tektites (A few Indochinites and two pieces of Libyan Desert Glass) are found in the Red Zone in the glass display (Floor 1 I think).

Just outside THE VAULT

ABOVE:  The Main display of tektites in the British Museum of Natural History, London. Moldavites on the left, Ivory Coast tektites on the right.


ABOVE:  Five fantastic Ivory Coast tektites.

ABOVE: A collection of Moldavites.



ABOVE:  The natural glass display in the Red Zone. Number 7 is terrestrial obsidian. Number 8 is Libyan Desert glass. Number 9 is cut Libyan Desert Glass. Number 10 are tektites (Indochinites).

ABOVE: Libyan Desert Glass in it's natural wind-worn / sand-blasted state. Also note the nice conchoidal fracture at the top of the specimen.

ABOVE:  Cut Libyan Desert Glass.

ABOVE: Tektites. These are low-grade Indochinites. The locality is not disclosed.


The Mineral Gallery (on the way to 'The Vault')

ABOVE:  Not tektites! Natural volcanic obsidian and man-made water-worn bottle glass ( I can't help but think that I'd rather see a button australite from Victoria, Australia than this broken bottle glass....)

(and perhaps a Bikolite instead of this Brick pebble.....)