In compiling this bibliography I have been moderately strict in keeping it to tektites, microtektites and impact spherules. There has been temptation to include references for source impact craters, to which tektites are inextricably linked; however, I have tried to resist this. An excellent list of references to specific craters, including Bosumtwi, Chesapeake and Ries can be found at the 'Earth Impact Database’ webpage Additionally, the Cretaceous-Tertiary impact references are incomplete, except where there is direct reference to tektites/spherule layers. So, in summary this list focuses on references for tektites and in particular Australasian tektites, Moldavites, North American Tektites and Libyan Desert Glass.


This tektite bibliography is probably the most comprehensive available. There are around 3,466 references and, believe it or not, I am still finding more! Tektites, far from being under-studied, appear to be over-studied! I wanted to put all the references in one list to demonstrate the extensive research that has been carried out. In time I may subdivide the references into smaller subject lists to make this work more user friendly. I have left the web links in full so you won't lose them if you paste this document into Microsoft Word. Please be aware that the links to papers take the user to different webpages. Please abide by their guidelines, which can be found on their websites, particularly with reference to copyright law. The main sites this webpage links to for articles are the Smithsonian / NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) at ; the NASA Technical Reports Server at and the Lunar and Planetary Institute at The Smithsonian / NASA Astrophysics Data System, for instance, will log your computer to prevent mass downloads. I have 999 papers listed as downloadable for free (I don't give links where the publisher charges a fee). Some of these links now no longer function or now charge for a copy of the paper, but they were correct at the time I accessed them.

I would like to thank Milan Trnka for access to his reference list. From this list I sourced many references, mainly the Czech ones, which I did not have listed prior to 2010. This just highlighted how many Czech references I have missed. I have no doubt that I have also missed the vast majority of Russian and Chinese references due to language barriers - so if you are Russian or Chinese and interested in tektites it would be great to make a reference list!

* means I have a copy. I am working to acquire as many as possible from the internet, original second hand copies and from geological society libraries. I currently have around 2,076 papers. In the meantime, I would welcome any pdf's / scans / hard copies of any of the other papers! Maybe I can help you out too! I am using these papers for non-commercial private research and abiding by copyright law.

Note that I have tried and keep this list as accurate as possible and it is more accurate than many, but errors may occur due to typo's or copying of an incorrectly reported reference, where I don't have a copy myself.  Due to my computer not being happy with the long list, I have split it into four:


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