6 College Street Sydney (opposite Hyde Park), NSW 2010 Australia

The collection benefits from the curation of T. Hodge-Smith (from 1921) and R.O. Chalmers (from 1945 to 1971).

Tektite information can be found at

My twin brother Hugo Whymark took the following photos: He told me these were from Sydney Museum, which I am assuming is the same place until I speak with him again.

ABOVE: The tektite display. An interesting display from a historical perspective, but of course the word 'mystery' is not favourable given the current understanding of tektites.

ABOVE: A dated tektite distribution map, along with some Central European moldavites and North American bediasites.

ABOVE: Australasian tektites plus Darwin impact glass.

ABOVE: A close-up of the Darwin glass.

ABOVE: A rare treat! A synthetic tektite. Refer to Chapman et al. (1962) and Chapman (1964) for details of similar experimentation.

ABOVE: Shatter cones from Gosses Bluff Crater, N.T.


If you have any more images I can publish of the tektite displays at the Australian Museum in Sydney, you can contact me at Thanks!