Cabarruyan Island and surrounding area, Pangasinan Region, Philippines.

ABOVE:  A map of the Philippines taken from Beyer, H. O. 1962. Anda is a town on the island of Cabarruyan, Pangasinan Region, Philippines. It is famed for it's moldavite-like Philippinites or 'Anda' sculpture.

ABOVE:  A dumbell from the Anda region, showing excellent Anda sculpture.

ABOVE:  Well developed sculpture on this tektite from the Anda region.

ABOVE:  Tektites found close to, or on Cabarruyan Island. Bought from the mainland, directly opposite Cabarruyan Island. I suspect these have been found on the beach as some are water worn, but I could be wrong.

ABOVE:  An Anda tektite from Anda Town itself! This specimen was found about 5-6ft below the surface as foundations for a house were being dug.

ABOVE:  Typical U-grooved Philippinites are also found in the Anda area, Pangasinan Region. I have more examples, but no photos at the moment.


Hope you enjoyed this brief Anda show. I hope to visit the area soon and get more information.