(Private Collection)



ABOVE: Wow! An 84g Moldavite-like Thailandite. Note how the Anda texture exactly follows the patterns observed in Moldavite teardrops.


ABOVE:   A 98g onion Anda Thailandite with a possible impact hollow.


ABOVE: A 44g Anda Thailandite teardrop that appears to be broken. The Anda texture appears to continue in grooves on the broken surface.


ABOVE:   A 71g Thailandite with 3 sets of starburst/radial rays with anda texture. Extremely fine Anda texture with an excellent radiating pattern.



ABOVE: Another nice Anda Thailandite weighing in at 65g.


ABOVE: A large 178g Anda Thailandite. Note that Anda texture is not present in the bald area (right image).



ABOVE:   A 21g Vietnamite teardrop showing moldavite-like 'oriented' sculpture. This sculpture is approaching Anda sculpture, but other than it's 'oriented' sculpture the sculpture is ordinary.


ABOVE:   A nice 84g onion Vietnamite with a well developed bald spot.


ABOVE: An 85g anda Vietnamite with radial rays emanating from a possible tektite collision area!


ABOVE: A 122g Anda Vietnamite. The top picture shows a well developed Anda texture emanating from the centre of a concave surface.


ABOVE:   A 50g Anda Vietnamite with a split in its skin. The split apears to cut the Anda sculpture.


ABOVE: A little 23g Anda Vietnamite.


ABOVE:   An 80g Anda Vietnamite with a concave surface and single radial ray that appears to cut the anda texture.


ABOVE:  A 57g Anda Vietnamite, again on a concave surface.


ABOVE:   Anda or not? A 130g Vietnamite very clearly having an orientation in the sculpture, but not strictly fitting the Anda sculpture criteria - looks like regular sculpture, just aligned in a radial pattern.



ABOVE:   A 28g Vietnamite also showing ordinary, but radiating sculpture (on both sides).




ABOVE:   A very beautiful 82g Anda Philippinite. This important specimen shows the relationship of the different types of Anda sculpture.


ABOVE:  This is an amazing Philippinite exhibiting Anda sculpture on every concave surface - and there are 5 main concave surfaces on this 33g specimen!


ABOVE:   Another amazing Philippinite. This weighs 58g. Check out the coarse V-shaped grooves and the way these are arranged in parallel groups.


ABOVE:  A 59g Philippinite showing Anda sculpture along a groove. This tektite is probably a nucleus.


ABOVE:   A great 48g Anda Philippinite - look at those coarse V-grooves.



ABOVE:   A little 16g Anda Philippinite. Slightly concave surface.


ABOVE:   A 67g Anda Philippinite. Probably from the Bikol Region.


ABOVE:   An Anda Philippinite dumbbell weighing in at 108g. This specimen comes from Bolinao, Pangasinan. Note how the sculpture radiates from the middle of the specimen. On a dumbell this rules out formation in flight where the frontal-most areas (from which radiation should occur) are the centres of the two dumbell lobes.



  ABOVE: A 66g specimen from Bolinao, Pangasinan


ABOVE: A disc shaped Anda from Bolinao, Pangasinan. Equally grooved on both sides.


ABOVE:   A nice 83g Anda from Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines.



ABOVE:   A 37g Water worn Anda from Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines.


ABOVE:   Anda Sculpture loves the edges of bubbles, forming a radial pattern. This small Anda fragment is from Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines.


Some more Philippinite Andas can be found at Check out the 370g Anda Nucleus (formed by loss of grooved shell during re-entry). It is similar to some of the Indochinite Andas above.


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