The Aubrey Whymark Collection

Formerly Des Leong's Class 1 Personal Tektite Collection


On 05 February 2011 I purchased Des Leong's entire tektite collection. I won't disclose the price, other than telling you it was not cheap and my wife doesn't have a car..or two cars! I ended up paying a little more than I wanted to, but I guess it's worth it given the historical significance and uniqueness of many of these fine pieces.

Des's collection was not huge, as some people have thought. Instead it contained only 161 specimens and was quite pointed towards very fine breadcrust specimens and large specimens. This compares with my collection which probably contains in excess of 10,000 specimens, 6,400 of which are currently catalogued.

ABOVE: Two perfect Australite Buttons from South Australia. 4.2g and 4.1g.

ABOVE: A nice 22g Australite Core from WA.

ABOVE: The famous published Beyer specimen. This has appeared in many publications. It is also one of the first tektites collected, by chance, by Des Leong. Click here for more info.

ABOVE: A variety of Anda tektites from Pangasinan, Bicol and unknown localities via Beyer.

ABOVE: A 49.2g Anda tektite from the Anda area in Pangasinan.

ABOVE: A 60.4 Anda-type from Bicol - rare at this locality. This is the posterior surface. Reminds me of the published Australites in showing Anda sculpture in Cleverly 1986

ABOVE: Acquired from Beyer collection. Locality unknown, but I'd guess Pangasinan. This specimen is hollow! It weighs 166g - it should weigh 247g. It probably contains a 39.5mm diameter bubble!

ABOVE: A variety of Davao tektites - Des selected some of the finest specimens.

ABOVE: A Davao tektite.

ABOVE: The Anda posterior (TOP) and anterior (BOTTOM). This specimen came from Davao - they don't get any better than this!!

ABOVE: Some more Davao specimens.

ABOVE: A small 21.9g Davao specimen.

ABOVE: A mixture of specimens - I think these are all from Bicol. All catalogued (I just haven't time to check right now).

ABOVE: Two huge Indochinite dumbbells from China. 310g (top) amd 385g (bottom).

ABOVE: A load of top notch breadcrusts from the Bicol area. A few 'hamburger' cores thrown in aswell.

ABOVE: The monster 1,018g or 1,020g by my scales Bicol Philippinite. Note the spherical surface on the left - this sphere is not complete! The spherical surface defines the original sphere.

ABOVE: A selection of large smooth spheres. Top left is the 1,018g specimen followed by the 867g specimen.

ABOVE: Large elongated forms and two very large breadcrust shell fragments at the bottom.

ABOVE: The famous 'Shrek' specimen.