The Olaf Gabel Collection

Olaf was kind enough to send some images of his collection. Olaf is based in Germany, which is also home to the moldavite source crater - the Ries Impact Crater.  He collects impactites, tektites, K-T boundary material and crater related meteorites. He currently (mid 2008) owns about 200 australites, including a 94g core and about 70 other tektites. He prefers collecting strange forms or rare samples such as Muong Nong-type moldavites and two colored moldavites. Olaf also has some large and rare crater glasses such as Wolfe Creek glass, 29.9g Wabar and a  962g Zhamanshinite.

Check out his webpage at for more great images!


ABOVE:  A giant 94g, 52x50x30mm, core found in 2001 near Marree, Southern Australia.

ABOVE: A beautiful indicator form from Lake Torrens, South Australia. Forms such as these demonstrate exactly how cores formed.

ABOVE: Two nice half buttons from Lake Torrens, South Australia. Surface etching, or perhaps wind erosion has brought out the striae.

ABOVE: On the left Olaf describes this specimen as a Muong Nong-like Australite. It certainly looks layered, but is this true layering or simply striae that have been brought out by weathering processes. A thought provoking specimen. On the right a perfect sphere. Both specimens are from Lake Torrens, South Australia.

ABOVE:  Two Australites from Lake Torrens, South Australia.

ABOVE: A fantastic core dumbbell from Lake torrens, South Australia.

ABOVE: A 26g teardrop from Finke River, Northern Territory, Australia

ABOVE: From Charlotte Waters, Northern Territory. The specimen on the left appears to be a half dumbbell with some evidence of a flange. Charlotte Waters has a population of about 5, and I bet they're looking for tektites!

ABOVE: Three small tektites from Nullabor Plain, Western Australia.