Sadly in 2013 to 2014 a former friend stole in excess of USD 31,000 of high quality tektites. He stole them in about 6 kilo packages over a period of time. These were sold in US, Germany, Czech Republic and Taiwan (and probably other places). Whilst I won't be able to recover most of them, there are a couple of unique specimens that I am particularly keen to recover. I am willing to pay the market price to get them back. Remember these are stolen and therefore valueless as stolen property.
1) A large Philippinite Dumbbell from Bicol. Originally from the Walter Zeitschel Meteorite Collection Hanau / Germany. Weight: 588.86 grams (sold as 589g in Taiwan), Size: 162 x 56 x53 mm. This was stolen and then sold to a Taiwanese shop. It was then sold to a Taiwanese collector. Probably in 2014. This is all I know about the whereabouts.
2) An Anda Thailandite (although it could have been sold as coming from a different country). Weight 219.8 g, Size: 96 x 80 x 21. Disc shaped. Not sure where this went to - maybe Europe??
3) An Australite Button. I have recovered 4 of the 5 stolen specimens. The remaining one may have been sold in the Czech Republic?? The bottom right one, weighing 4.2g, is still missing.
Stolen tektites were sold by a former dealer of Philippine tektites with the initials DL. His paypal used the name TFL. I am mainly referring to tektites sold mid 2013 to mid 2014, extending into early 2015. Before this and they probably are not stolen. If you have any information as to the whereabouts of these tektites (or others - probably mainly breadcrust Philippinites) then please drop me a line at Again I am willing to BUY back the tektites so you suffer no losses.